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Yoni massage is a type of tantra massage that is specifically designed to honor and celebrate the female body, particularly the yoni or vagina. It is a deeply intimate and sensual experience that can help women connect with their bodies, explore their desires, and experience pleasure in a safe and supportive environment.

Yoni massage by male therapists in Delhi starts from INR 3000 for a 1-hour session, INR 5000 for a 2-hour session, and for the night 15k which includes an erotic massage session and the option to go for oral sex and sex.

You can book a yoni massage session from 5-STAR SPA BY MALE THERAPIST in Delhi, Gurgaon. This is women only spa , offer yoni massages, tantra massage at home and hotel by the male therapist.

Yoni massage in Delhi allows you to slowly explore your body in a more sensual way. Yoni massage can also help women who have one orgasm and feel finished to achieve multiple orgasms. Yoni massage will help you explore your sexual side, sexual energy, and sensual touch points.


Yoni massage helps you get a better climax and experience the best orgasm. Yoni massage in Delhi is done by a professional male therapist. Yoni massage also has the option to add other services such as oral and full service. Yoni massage in Delhi starts from INR 3000 for a 1-hour session and goes up to 5k depending on extra services.

During a yoni massage session, the therapist will use a variety of techniques to stimulate the yoni and surrounding areas, including massage, breathwork, and gentle touch.

One of the key benefits of yoni massage for women is increased self-awareness and empowerment. By exploring and honoring their own bodies, women can learn to communicate their needs and desires more effectively and experience greater pleasure and intimacy with their partners.

Yoni massage is a deeply personal and intimate experience, and should only be performed by an experienced practitioner who specializes in this type of massage.

The Male therapist should create a safe and supportive environment for exploration and growth, and should always honor the client's boundaries and desires.

It's also important for women to take an active role in their own experience, communicating their needs and desires with the male therapist throughout the session. This can help to ensure that the message is a positive and empowering experience, rather than one that is uncomfortable or triggering.

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