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What is Tantra Massage & What Its Like to Have ?

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Tantra Massage is a loose term that can mean almost anything from one place to the next

In general, it does not involve intercourse, and in general it does involve sexual stimulation, but these are still simply generalities, and if you are looking for something specific, you should get clear and specific about what you want.

The tantric massage is one of the tools used by tantra to achieve the personal fullness. It is erotic massage that arouse the sexual desire and invigorate the relationships. The tantra believes that the human body is a sacred temple and the sex expression of the intercourse divine. The tantric massage offers the possibility of achieving the pleasure, our own and that of the partner, quickly and effectively.

Thanks to the massage performed in zones erotic body to reach a state of physical relaxation and spiritual, in addition to a deep sense of well-being. Sex is the way to relaxation and discovery of one’s self, a form of encounter with the sacred through the pleasure.

,Yoni massage, vagina massage which owes its name to the female sex. In the tantric massage there is a form of sex that strengthens the bonds of the couple; breaking down the barriers, fears and obstacles that may exist between the two.

Now, the massage is sexual in nature and the therapist will touch your sensitive, delicate parts. But, there is no ‘sexual’ contact in the sense that a tantra massage therapist does not engage in fornication or any kind of penetration.

Benefits of tantric massage- tantra massage also increases blood circulation, which improves overall sexual health. The concomitant (or simultaneous) deep breathing helps detoxify the body, and the increased heart rate means a strengthened immune system. All of these factors contribute to rejuvenation and longevity

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